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Join THE COMMERCIAL FINANCE ACADEMY in building financial security for your future
Our Mission is to empower the next wave of financial entrepreneurs to take control of their professional life by creating a path to success and the perfect work/life balance. Learn from industry experts with 40+ years of experience that will help you reach your ultimate potential for success. Our 5-day intensive program is a carefully curated curriculum that will have you start working and generating income on day one.
So, the only question is … WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Don’t just take our word for it…listen to what our participants have to say about the course:

“Commercial Finance Academy has been a strong partner of ours for years. Their strong ability to develop, educate, and support their participants, makes them the perfect partner to grow our business.”
Kalah Sprabeary
HUB Funding Solutions

“After participating as a relatively successful small business in the industry I knew that I would start plateauing if innovation was absent from my business plan. I later learned that it was not innovation that I needed to fear, it was the industry trade secrets that kept the top equipment leasing & lending companies always one step ahead. I was in search of an equipment leasing & lending expert and was lucky enough to find Shervin. My search was rooted in the hopes that I would quickly learn the industry in’s & out’s that kept the legacy equipment leasing companies at the top of the food chain. Admittedly an ambitious goal, I watched all the YouTube tutorial videos I could find, my google search history was littered with equipment leasing & lending terms. It was Shervin that transformed my business objectives & goals and helped turn me into a leading industry competitor in my area. What I quickly learned about Shervin was the depth of knowledge and his capability is seemingly unending. To be a standout in this industry, to learn what it takes to enter into this industry, to be a responsible participant in the new generation of equipment leasing & lending, there is only one recommendation I would make… The Commercial Finance Academy.”
Susan Clark
Clark Capital Financial